Simple and Quick Flower Power Quilt!! (FREE Pattern and Applique Templates)

Here is a FREE downloadable and printable pattern for this gorgeous Flower Power quilt that measures 48 x 48 inches at completion! With the over-sized blooms sewn on, you will end up with an absolutely gorgeous quilt that can normally be completed in a single weekend! You could also very easily change the size of the quilt to larger or smaller. There are also tons of different options for switching up where you place the appliqued flowers!

It is noted that although a bold flower fabric print, as shown in the featured image, would work wonderfully, a less bold fabric, with smaller flowers, or even a solid fabric would probably work just as great and would give you an entirely different result! Because this is such a quick and simple project, you could create many of these in a very short period of time.

With these appliques, there are no specific instructions for printer settings that will allow you to print them the correct size. You may need to play around a bit with the scale percentage and other settings to get the correct petal size. However, with this particular design, no matter what size you end up printing, you could very easily make the appliques larger or smaller to your satisfaction.

You will find the free applique templates for this pattern on the last page at the blue oval link below. Applique templates that come with the free pattern include large and small circle flower center templates, as well as large and small petal templates. You will need 12 of the large petals, 24 small petals, 5 leaves, 3 small center circles, and 1 large center circle if you will be doing the layout as shown in the featured image. Happy Quilting!

Finished quilt measures 46 inches x 56 inches.

Pattern link is here

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