Marvelous “Merry Go Round” Pot Holders!! (FREE Pattern)

Here is a free pattern for these adorable and useful “Merry Go Round” pot holders! Not only do they work great as pot holders, they also have a pocket on one side into which you can insert any small items you wish, if you are giving as a gift. Measuring spoons and other smaller kitchen cooking/baking utensils come to mind, although there are many other small items you could present them with also!

When the pocket is not being used to hold gift items, it also serves as extra protection from oven burns, as you can slip your hand into the pocket prior to pulling something out of the oven!

You will see when you get to the link destination below that there is the option of purchasing a pdf pattern of this pot holder, although if you keep scrolling down further, you will come across the free version also! Happy Sewing!

Here is the pattern

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