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The Virginia Reel quilt block is a fantastic whirly-looking type of quilt block that is very intriguing to look at, and anyone who doesn’t do quilting will wonder how on Earth you managed to make this beauty!

Some other names this particular quilt block has gone by in the past have included zig-zag, winding blades, and Indian emblem, just to name a few.

One great aspect of this quilt block is that it requires just two types of fabric, unless, of course, you are an incredibly adventurous sort who likes to do things differently. With the right color coordination, more than two fabrics would probably be a huge hit!

The designer indicates this quilt block is at a level of a “confident beginner,” so even if you don’t have a TON of experience quilting but do have some, you might want to consider giving this one a try!

This top oval blue button directly below is where you can access the actual template to make a 6-inch block. Note that in order for you to end up printing the correct size, using Adobe, you MUST set your printer to “print 100%” in the print options.

The pattern link is here

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