Captivating “Card Trick Quilt Block” Is Easy To Make! (FREE Quilt Block Tutorial!)

I just absolutely fell in love with this cool quilt block, and were so happy when we found out there was a free pattern we could share with all of you!

Titled the “Card Trick Quilt Block,” this is a block that is completely made up of quarter and half square triangles, which makes it perfect for even a confident beginner to be successful at!

For this quilt block, you will need to choose four colors of fabric to be used for the individual “cards,” and then a fifth fabric which will become your background.

A finished block measures 12 inches, which is a great size that will allow you to quickly make a full-size quilt! One helpful hint that will prevent you from getting your fabric placements mixed up is to print a line drawing of the card trick quilt block (there is one available where the pattern is for you to print, if you wish) and then write your color placement on it.

Here is the pattern!


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