Amazing 18-Inch Quilt Block That Appears 3D!

Introducing a FREE tutorial for this spectacular 18 x 18 inch quilt block that can be used as either a mini-quilt wall hanging, or can be used to very quickly put together a full-size quilt, due to the blocks being so large! The designer of this one also swears that this is a great beginner quilting pattern, even for someone who has not made a quilt before!

This particular quilt is brought to you by¬†, and is appropriately titled the “Mountain Two Step” due to the illusion of 3D steps it provides. This one would work great as a table topper or as the lining of a basket, if you don’t feel up to making a full-size quilt!

If you do, however, feel like making a full-size quilt, it definitely won’t take many of these blocks to have a full-size quilt!

Here is the link for this pattern


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