Don’t Miss Out On This FREE Valentine’s Day Quilt Pattern! (FREE Pattern)

Here is a wonderful free Valentine’s Day quilt pattern, complete with all four heart templates you will need, as well as TONS of diagrams showing you how to lay out the pieces for this lovely quilt, titled the “Love In Chains” quilt designed by Shelly Pagliai of Prairie Moon Quilts.

Imagine the many different fabric options for this one! This is truly one of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day Quilts we have ever seen, due in a large part to the simplicity and openness of the design!

Not only would this make a great Valentine’s Day throw and a wonderful way to celebrate the month of February, it would be a truly unforgettable wedding gift!

The finished quilt measures 54 x 64 inches.

Here is the pattern

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Beauteous “Blazing Star” Quilt Block!! (FREE Pattern)

This beautiful “Blazing Star” block truly is unsurpassed when you sew together a bunch of them!

Free templates are included that will allow you to choose either 6-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch blocks!

Make sure when you print the templates that you have your printer settings set to 100%. Choosing “best fit” or “fit to page” will result in a template that is a different size.

There are an unending variety of colors that would really do this block some true justice, so please do give this one a try! You will be so glad you did!

Here is the pattern

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Superb Star-Crossed Quilt! (FREE Quilt Pattern)

Although there are suggested fabrics you can purchase to make this beautiful Star-Crossed quilt, there are a TON of other choices out there that would result in just as beautiful, if not more so, quilt!

For the majority of the needed fabrics, you will need 1/4 yard, although there is 1 piece of fabric that will need to be 1 yard, another of which you will need 5/8 yard, and 3-5/8 yards for the backing.

The finished quilt measures 56 inches x 65 inches when the 1/4-inch seam allowance is adhered to.

This pattern guides you through how to mark and cut individual pieces to create blocks. The blocks are then adjoined to each other to create the quilt.

Here is the pattern

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Dazzle Everyone With This Exquisite Quilt! (FREE Quilt Tutorial)

Here is a FREE quilt pattern you can create, titled the “Twirling Swirling Dance” quilt. The finished quilt measures 48 x 48 inches, and is sure to impress even the most seasoned quilt lover!

Although there are no quilting templates included in this tutorial, templates truly are not needed, as you simply cut strips of the recommended fabric in the width of fabric (WOF) indicated in the tutorial, then sew the strips together, cut them again as instructed in the quilt tutorial, and then arrange and sew them together as instructed in the tutorial.

This tutorial features very easy-to-understand diagrams that show you step by step how to place your strips, both before and after sewing them together. This really is a very quick and easy quilting tutorial, and you will be very surprised at how quick it comes together!

The finished quilt measures 48 inches x 48 inches.

Additionally, you don’t need a ton of fabric for this one. We have provided below a complete list of all fabric needed to create this stunning quilt. Of course, there are many, many different fabric options you could choose. We have listed below the ones used in the featured image here.

  • 3/4 yard cream colored fabric
  • 2-1/4 yards navy fabric
  • 3/4 yards fabric with print

Here is the pattern

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Captivating Economie Zoologie Quilt Uses A Ton of Scraps! (FREE Pattern)

We now introduce you to one of the most fascinating scrap buster quilting projects we have ever come across. This one’s titled the Economie Zoologie quilt pattern, designed by Ann Kelle of, and is offered as a free downloadable and printable quilting pattern that provides you with complete step-by-step instructions for putting together one of these incredible quilts.

If you, like most of us quilters, have a myriad of different scraps laying around that you believed would never have a use, this is probably the perfect project for you, not only to end up with an awesome quilt, but also to clear out some room for new scraps of future projects that you will surely end up with!

Here is the pattern

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