Beautiful Paper-Pieced Butterfly Blocks!! (FREE Quilting Pattern)

Imagine a quilt made up of these three distinct, unique, and very beautiful butterfly charm blocks! Add some springtime to your winter with a gorgeous quilt constructed up of these!

Be warned, however, for those of you (and there are many of us) who prefer quilting projects that don’t require paper piecing, this is a paper-piecing quilting project.

The free pattern for this project includes printable appliques and step-by-step instructions for piecing the different components together.

Each block, when complete, measures 4.5 inches.

Although there is a myriad of different color options you could consider for this one, I definitely love the idea of throwing together a bunch of very brightly colored fabrics!

Here is the pattern

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Superb Shamrock Table Runner (FREE Quilting Pattern)!

Celebrate your next St. Patrick’s Day with one of these gorgeous quilted shamrock table runners! Even if you don’t normally decorate for this holiday, wouldn’t it be fun to start with one of these?

St. Patrick’s Day is still, at this time of year, a very vague and distant day in the future, although that means you will have tons of time to get one finished by then!

The finished table runner measures 15 inches x 49 inches.

For this table runner, you will need the following:

  • (108) 1½″ green print squares
  • (12) 2″ x 3½″ green print strips
  • (16) 2″ x 5″ green print strips
  • (4) 10½″ low volume/white print squares for the block backgrounds


  • 1-5/8 yards Kelly green print for the sashing, borders, binding, and backing
  • 18-inch x 52-inch batting

Other Materials

  • 1 yard, 12″-wide paper-backed fusible web
  • Heart-shaped leaf and stem template
  • Thread, 50 wt cotton—light gray or green for piecing; Kelly green for appliqué stitching and quilting; cream for quilting.
  • Needle and thread to secure the binding by hand.

There are a large number of pictures accompanying the individual directions for putting together this table runner, which significantly simplifies the whole process of this project. Give this one a try, and up the ante of your next St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is the pattern

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Baby Hearts Quilt! (FREE Quilting Pattern)

Gather together your favorite colors to make t his beautiful Baby Hearts quilt! This particular pattern is very well written, and there are TONS of pictures included in the directions, ensuring that this project will be a quick and easy one! Although the hearts for this one appear to be difficult to piece together, they truly are very simple!

This completed quilt measures 42 inches x 42 inches.

The fabrics you will need to sew this quilt include the following:

  • Fabric 1 – Neutral – less than 1/4 yd

  • Fabric 2 – Navy Blue (or other saturated color) – less than 1/4 yd

  • Fabric 3 – Navy Blue (or other saturated color) – less than 1/4 yd

  • Fabric 4 – Neutral – 1/4 yd

  • Fabric 5 – Neutral – 1/3 yd

  • Fabric 6 – Neutral – 1/3 yd

  • Fabric 7 – Neutral – 1/2 yd

  • Fabric 8 – Neutral – less than 1/4 yd

  • Fabric 9 – Neutral – less than 1/4 yd

This easy pattern will be well-worth the work, and I hope you will find the time to give it a try!

Here is the pattern

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Wondrous “Wandering Star” Quilt Block!! (FREE Pattern)

A variation of the Friendship Star Block, the FREE pattern for this Wandering Star block is a very quick and easy one!

If you are able to sew together a half-star triangle, you will easily be able to create these gorgeous quilt blocks in no time!

A finished square when cut and sewn to the pattern instructions measures 12 inches x 12 inches.

The needed fabric for one 12-inch square includes the following:

  • Light/White: Four squares that are 5 inches each
  • Medium 1/Green: One square that is 5.5 inches and one square that is 5 inches
  • Medium 2/Blue: Two squares that are 5 inches each
  • Dark/Black: One square that is 5.5 inches and one square that is 5 inches

The pattern for this block is very well written, and there are plenty of pictures that will guide you through the entire process. I truly hope you will give this one a try!

Here is the pattern

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Marvelous “Merry Go Round” Pot Holders!! (FREE Pattern)

Here is a free pattern for these adorable and useful “Merry Go Round” pot holders! Not only do they work great as pot holders, they also have a pocket on one side into which you can insert any small items you wish, if you are giving as a gift. Measuring spoons and other smaller kitchen cooking/baking utensils come to mind, although there are many other small items you could present them with also!

When the pocket is not being used to hold gift items, it also serves as extra protection from oven burns, as you can slip your hand into the pocket prior to pulling something out of the oven!

You will see when you get to the link destination below that there is the option of purchasing a pdf pattern of this pot holder, although if you keep scrolling down further, you will come across the free version also! Happy Sewing!

Here is the pattern

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Stupendous Star Sapphire Quilt Block! (FREE Quilt Block Pattern & Template)

Below is a link for this beautiful Star Sapphire quilt block! There are downloadable/printable templates for three different sizes of finished blocks, including 6 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches.

The featured image shows how a single block looks on the left, and a finished quilt using multiple blocks on the right.

I do hope you will give this one a try. There are numerous color combos that would be absolutely stunning for this quilt block!

Here are the pattern templates

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Dreamy “Dutch Treat” Quilt Block!! (FREE Quilting Pattern)

This beautiful “Dutch Treat” quilt block is absolutely fun to put together, and it truly does come together very quickly! You probably will find that it will take you more time to decide which fabrics to use than it will to actually put it together!

Each finished square measures 12 inches, and whether you decide to use the varying shades of purple, or want to go with a totally different color scheme, the end result will be absolutely gorgeous!

This beautiful quilt block will have you wishing for spring with its freshness and vibrancy! This block is very quick to piece, and much more easy to put together than you would think, so I really hope you give this one a try soon! A FREE downloadable pdf is included.

Here is the pattern

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The Coolest Rag Quilt Ever!! (FREE Quilting Pattern)

You can make this one as huge or as small as you wish…no matter what size you end up with, it would be just plain all-around GORGEOUS! Additionally, no matter what theme you choose to use, be it Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even a special birthday theme for someone’s birthday, it is sure to be a big hit with the lucky recipient!

It is recommended that you first consider woven cotton and flannel for this quilt. The main reason for this is that these two types of fabric do well with the needed fraying that is required as part of this pattern. Minky, for example, is not recommended, as you won’t get the fraying needed. When the instructions are followed for the pattern, you will end up with a quilt that measures 54 inches x 60 inches.

There is a link to a yardage calculator included with the pattern, so once you have figured out what size quilt you want to end up with, the yardage calculator will help you easily identify the amount of fabric you will need.

If you have some experience quilting, this same method works great for making tote bags, pillows, and probably many other items that I haven’t listed. I hope you enjoy this one!

Here is the pattern

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Gorgeous “It’s All Black and White” Quilt!! (FREE Quilting Pattern)

Although the FREE quilting pattern for this one is titled “It’s All Black and White,” the actual end result when using other colors, including solids or prints, would also result in just as stunning of a quilt as the black-and-white one!

This is also a very, very quick pattern to complete, and the finished quilt measures approximately 48 inches x 67 inches.

For this quilt, you will need a Junior Jelly Roll in 3 different colors or 3 different varying shades (light, medium, and dark) of the same color, and 3-1/2 yards of backing fabric.

The finished quilt would be a wonderful gift for pretty much anyone, although this particular pattern would result in a great quilt for even a man, as the stripes truly do make it quite a manly quilt!

Here is the pattern

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“Springtimy” Glass Half Full Mug Rug (FREE Quilting Pattern with Templates)!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m already ready for springtime (yes, even though winter has not even officially arrived yet)!!

Here is a free quilting pattern, complete with templates, which are also free, that makes me think of springtime!

This quilting project includes some piecing, use of appliques, and some embroidery.

So if you love to do quilting, or are a beginner, this is a quick project that can probably be worked up in a couple of days! Happy Quilting!

Here is the pattern

Image & Pattern