Don’t Let This Free Halloween Potholder Tutorial Get Away!


Just HOW is that favorite Halloween baker you know going to handle her (or his) hot baking cauldrons this year?!? How’z about with a couple of these absolutely awesome Halloween potholders? A pair of these would definitely be a very welcome addition to anyone’s Halloween cooking kitchen at this time of year.

Halloween only comes around twice a year, and normally us quilters gotta start quilting a Halloween project way ahead of time…for me, it’s at least a month, normally more.

However, here is a great quilting project that you can easily do in a few days, or even less, depending on your schedule, and would make a great “just because” gift to any of your friends who are into Halloween baking big-time!

The witch hat printable template is included in the pattern link provided.

Here is the pattern link

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Totally UNScary Spider Web Table Topper! (Free Quilting Tutorial)

Nothing scary about this spider web table topper. All I see is an absolutely gorgeous table topper that would add a huge complement to your Halloween decor. For this one, you will need either a mat with a 45-degree curve or a Quick Curve ruler, for creating the curved “web” part on the front of the table topper.

Materials needed include 168 squares that measure 2-1/2 inches each, 2 yards of black fabric for the backing and the web on the front of the table topper, and a 40-inch square of batting.

The tutorial provides step-by-step pictures for you to follow for piecing rows of squares together, cutting the pieced rows into the needed triangles, cutting and adding the web part to the front, and the remainder of the project through to completion.

Soft N Crafty is the recommended batting to use for this project, rather than just any old cotton batting, as Soft N Crafty holds a shape well without being too stiff.

Here is the pattern link

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Get Your FREE Template & Tutorial For This Dynamic Virginia Reel Block Here!


The Virginia Reel quilt block is a fantastic whirly-looking type of quilt block that is very intriguing to look at, and anyone who doesn’t do quilting will wonder how on Earth you managed to make this beauty!

Some other names this particular quilt block has gone by in the past have included zig-zag, winding blades, and Indian emblem, just to name a few.

One great aspect of this quilt block is that it requires just two types of fabric, unless, of course, you are an incredibly adventurous sort who likes to do things differently. With the right color coordination, more than two fabrics would probably be a huge hit!

The designer indicates this quilt block is at a level of a “confident beginner,” so even if you don’t have a TON of experience quilting but do have some, you might want to consider giving this one a try!

This top oval blue button directly below is where you can access the actual template to make a 6-inch block. Note that in order for you to end up printing the correct size, using Adobe, you MUST set your printer to “print 100%” in the print options.

The pattern link is here

Charming Vintage Happy Camper Pot Holders! (FREE Pattern and Templates )


This FREE quilting project comes complete with step-by-step pictures with instructions, as well as downloadable and printable templates for all of the components needed to build your own set of pot holders.

These cute Happy Campers potholders, reminiscent of the vintage campers back in days gone by, are sure to make any devoted camper or RV’er very happy!Choosing some “fun, playful” fabrics that coordinate with each other is a huge part of the fun you will have when sewing this project!

In a pinch for a great gift? This project can be completed in just an afternoon!

For this particular pattern, it is highly recommended that you use fusible webbing, which will greatly help you in laying out the different components to your satisfaction, as well as allowing them to stay in place while you are stitching them into place. You can then follow that up with a simple zig-zag stitch around each component for a wonderful finish throughout!

The pattern instructions and templates are here


Amazingly Unique Dresden Starburst Pillow (FREE Tutorial)


…particularly when you tell people you made them yourself!!

We would like to introduce you to what the creator, Mary on Lake Pulaski, has titled the Starburst Pillow! This is a very unique idea using the simple Dresden idea from which a completely original design was the end result!

We absolutely LOVE the off-center circle and surrounding Dresden starbursts that make up this one-of-a-kind pillow, and we hope you will also!

Although the tutorial (accessed via the link below) does provide step-by-step instructions with pictures, you will need to either possess, and know how to use, a Dresden ruler, or be able to use, as an alternative, a protractor to end up with an 18-degree angle for the Dresden pieces.

Pattern link is here

Effortlessly Create This Floral Applique Medallion Mini-Quilt! (FREE Pattern and Template)

Although there are many different ways to put together an applique quilt, as well as TONS of variations for each different method there is out there, this mini-quilt is constructed using fusible applique, which is a very simple quilting technique for beginners and experienced alike! However, if you prefer to utilize traditional needleturn applique, a sew and turn method, or any other method, the choice is all yours!

The finished mini-quilt measures 24-1/2 inches square, which works wonderfully for either a small wall quilt, or perhaps a throw pillow cover! Or, consider using this block as the centerpiece for a larger quilt, with the addition of other blocks.

In addition to the step-by-step instructions via the oval blue button below, you will need the templates for the floral part of the quilt, which are right above the oval blue button.

Downloadable templates are included within the pattern link below.

Here is the pattern link

The Flamenco Quilted Pillow Pattern! (FREE Tutorial and Printable Templates)

Here is a FREE pattern with printable templates for this absolutely beautiful pillow with a swirling design that we have never come across before! You could also get adventurous and create a matching quilt with large blocks!

Note that you will need to mark the swirling design featured on this gorgeous pillow with a water soluble pen, so that the markings will wash out when you have finished sewing. Additionally, the marker you use should not disappear with heat, because you will also need to iron the area where the marker is. Washable markers specifically designed for children are a great choice.

The template you will need for the curvy shapes is included within the pattern link below.

Materials needed for this project include:

  • A light neutral background piece of fabric that measures 17 x 17 inches.
  • Your choice of colored fabrics for the wavy part of the design. Three different tones of the same color work great for this design, including a dark shade measuring 8 x 21 inches, a medium shade measuring 8 x 19 inches, and a light shade measuring 7 x 19 inches.
  • Fusible web measuring 15 x 15 inches.
  • Batting and backing measuring 18 x 18 inches.
  • A piece of binding from your background fabric measuring 2-1/2 inches wide x 70 inches long.
  • A water-soluble pen.

Here is the pattern link

Spring Into Springtime With This Flower Garden Pillow! (FREE Appliques & Tutorial)

Introducing the Flower Garden Pillow FREE tutorial! This one also comes with all of the FREE appliques needed to make one (or more) of these gorgeous, very springtimey, pillows!

The basic methods used to quilt these include using fusible raw-edge applique, as well as machine quilting for the top panel. However, if your free motion isn’t quite what you would like it to be as of yet, you could skip that part and just leave as is. This definitely would be a great project, however, for you to practice your free-motion quilting, as the size of the fabric is rather small at just 20-1/2 inches!

Additionally, there are many variations you could consider by simply arranging your cut applique pieces differently.

You will need to download the printable appliques, which are located within the pattern link when you click on the link below.

Pattern link is here

Simple and Quick Flower Power Quilt!! (FREE Pattern and Applique Templates)

Here is a FREE downloadable and printable pattern for this gorgeous Flower Power quilt that measures 48 x 48 inches at completion! With the over-sized blooms sewn on, you will end up with an absolutely gorgeous quilt that can normally be completed in a single weekend! You could also very easily change the size of the quilt to larger or smaller. There are also tons of different options for switching up where you place the appliqued flowers!

It is noted that although a bold flower fabric print, as shown in the featured image, would work wonderfully, a less bold fabric, with smaller flowers, or even a solid fabric would probably work just as great and would give you an entirely different result! Because this is such a quick and simple project, you could create many of these in a very short period of time.

With these appliques, there are no specific instructions for printer settings that will allow you to print them the correct size. You may need to play around a bit with the scale percentage and other settings to get the correct petal size. However, with this particular design, no matter what size you end up printing, you could very easily make the appliques larger or smaller to your satisfaction.

You will find the free applique templates for this pattern on the last page at the blue oval link below. Applique templates that come with the free pattern include large and small circle flower center templates, as well as large and small petal templates. You will need 12 of the large petals, 24 small petals, 5 leaves, 3 small center circles, and 1 large center circle if you will be doing the layout as shown in the featured image. Happy Quilting!

Finished quilt measures 46 inches x 56 inches.

Pattern link is here

Get Your Copy of the FREE Complete Tutorial for This Stunning Tote!

Here is a stunning tote that will instantly catch the eye of everyone who happens to see it!

Although we do absolutely LOVE the purple tones of the one in the featured image here, this particular tote can be sewn using any color combination. Creating many of them to match different outfits would be a wonderful way to go! It is highly recommended that you choose a light and then a darker fabric so that there is sufficient contrast between the different sections.

This completed tote measures approximately 11 x 11 x 4 inches. Also needed for this pattern will be some fabric for the lining, iron-on interfacing, webbing for the handles of the tote, a magnet snap for the top, and low-loft batting. Optionally, you could also create inner pockets by using either a 7-inch zipper or Velcro.

Here is the pattern link